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The long hair you never had.

I'm proud to offer hand- tied and tape in extensions. To meet every persons needs and budget. Extension Stylist to customize your look.

Have more questions? Look below... we have answers.

Frequently asked questions

How often do will I have to come in?

I recommend a maintenance of 6-8 weeks to help prevent breakage and damage. At that time we will move them up. The hair with proper care will last up to 6months. 

How do you choose which method to go with?

I go over your consultation with you. That we can customize the hair to your needs and wants.

How much will the extensions cost me?

Extensions can range from $300-$800 depending on what you are looking for, length or fullness or just some added thickness. I will help with showing you what will best fit your needs as well as maintenance. 

Hand Tied Extensions
  • Color Matched for seamless blending

  • Available in 14"- 22" lengths

  • Cut and blended to make them seamless

  • Maintenance or upkeep 4-8 weeks

  • Hair cost  depends on how much hair is needed and length. $250-800+

  • $250 maintenance visits

Tape In Extensions
  • Color Matched for seamless blending.

  • Available in 10"-24" lengths

  • Cut and blended to make them seamless

  • Maintenance or upkeep of 4-6 weeks

  • Hair cost depends on how much hair is needed and length you prefer. $300-$700

  • $150 Maintenance appointments 

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